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Electrochemical Etching

Namaste’ I feel certain that I got in on the end of a discussion
of etching, and the answer to my question has already been given.
I apologize. I tried to research the archives, but must confess
to being computer illiterate at this point.

I am interested in building a device to electrochemically etch
silver. Untracht addresses it in Jewelry Concepts and Techniques,
giving some technical and referring to the
electroplating chapter. He, unfortunately underestimated my
density. It appears that (quite simply) one reverses the
polarity of the plating device, and viola etches. ( Am I
getting warm?)

What I’d like is to make the device on the “low
budget” plan. I’d like to be able to do relatively large pieces
for copper enameling ( ie. 12"x12") as well as small silver
pieces. It would be wonderful if the same device would

Thank you for the forum, and thank you for your help.

Greg Iverson

Seattle, Washington - Where the coming of the Equinox brings a
hushed red and yellow to the forest.