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Electro-Conductive Paint

Orchid list:

Some months ago, a message came through the list concerning a
water-based conductive paint. I responded to the person listed
as a contact and received a response. However, I seem to have
delete the address, phone # and the person’s name.

If you are still out there, please contact me. Thanks

Tim Glotzbach
Eastern Kentucky University

Hi Tim,

I did seek such a product but can’t recall anything about this
particular post. But any on conductive inks will
still be much appreciated. I am designing a product to assist
the disabled for which I need unconventional geometry conductors
on a thin flexible surface. In fact a epoxy based type ink (2
part) which is weather proof will be more suitable. But
anything to get me started on a prototype helps. Thanks for
keeping me in mind.

My home address is

Kelvin Mok
997 Knottwood Road South
Edmonton, Alberta
T6K 3X4
(area code 403) 463-4099

Kelvin Mok (

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