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Electric melt furnace

The price of electric melt furnaces seems to vary a lot. Anyone have
suggestions. Looking for a smaller size since most of my casting is
less than 2 oz. sterling silver at a time. As always, thanks…

Rob Meixner

I bought a Dura-BULL 1-kg Automatic Melting Furnace from Rio for
$795.00, which I returned due to the poor lid design and
workmanship. These things have big heavy lids, and the hinge was
loose, causing the lid to flop around.

I then bought a Kerr Automatic Electro-Melt Furnace from Rio for
$1,150.00. Kerr had a free crucible offer with proof of purchase at
the time, which was nice.

The quality of the Kerr is acceptable, but the cord and display are
on the wrong side for convenient pouring, at least for me. I am
right handed.

The capacity is something like 25 troy oz., which I would never need
either. But it works very well for 3 or 4 ounces.

These things are expensive, but really nice to have. I would buy the
Kerr again.

James in Palm Desert