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Egyptian Coil Reference

Hi Everyone,

Does anyone know of the “original” Egyptian coil necklace referred to
by a variety of sources. Most notably in Helen Clegg & Mary Larom’s
book, “Making Wire Jewelry”?

I’m curious if this was a style practice “4000” years ago or if this
was one example that made it into one book that everyone refers too
and forgets to quote the source. I’ve had a hard time finding
anything approaching historical info on the net and thought someone on
orchid might be able to point me to the source.

If you are curious about what an Egyptian Coil necklace looks like
just search on “Egyptian Coil” on

Thanks in advance,

I found one picture on Google under images. I think that it is a
basic spiral element that has been used by most peoples in history.
You can find ancient spiral rock carvings out west here in America.
If you want to get mystical, think about a line that can be followed
inward or outward as in a maze. In fairly contemporary time, Calder
made copper wire jewelry that used this. It’s also an easy shape to
get with wire which might be why it has been used by so many

Marilyn Smith

I could swear I saw an actual piece using the Egyptian coil "chain,"
which is definitely more than a just a spiral, in a book on Ancient
Egyptian artifacts that I found in one of the local libraries.
Unfortunately, I use a lot of different libraries and have probably
borrowed every book remotely related to ancient jewelry, so I doubt
I’ll be able to trace it. And a lot of the books are out off print.

However, two suggestions: contact the Egyptology dept. at the
University of Chicago. Surely someone there would know.

And…Dawn Hale has posted to this list–she’s the woman who works
with the Met Museum making those gorgeous PMC pieces. I can’t find
her email address in the archives, but I would bet her contact at the
Met could answer this question.

Dawn, are you reading this?

Lisa Orlando
Aphrodite’s Ornaments
Benicia, CA

Given the simplicity, it wouldn’t surprise me. There are certainly
extant pieces dating to 600 BCE found in Iran in Jewelry: 7000

There are a fair number of historical finds using similar
construction and motif from any number of Ancient cultures.

Ron Charlotte – Gainesville, FL
@Ron_Charlotte1 OR