Egyptian Cartouche

Does anybody have about or access to manufacturers
of Egyptian Cartouche’s. I have a client who wants "Joseph"
inscribed in hieroglyphics on a pendant. He has stated that it
must have the Egyptian authenticity stamp on it. It must be in
22k gold. If anybody can send me in the correct direction, I
would appreciate it.

Harley Owen Groff
GIA: Graduated Diamond Grader, Colored Stones
pursuing a Graduated Gemologist degree

harley - ask your customer to try - it’s the egyptian
gazette online source - he should be able to get to the links
there & find what he wants - good luck - ive

H&G, Some time ago I visited a Museum locally and found a machine
there that printed out your name in Hieroglyphics on Parchment.

Several of us did it and saved our little treasure. For quite a
while American Express offered Cartouches as a purchase.

It does not appear to be difficult for someone proficient in wax
carving to use the paper I received at the Museum to carve the
appropriate symbols from the alpha translation of symbol to
letter. How to get it authenticated is another thing. Teresa

Hi, There used to be a few places in the gold soukes of Cario
that did cartouches (this was back in the early 80’s but I am
sure they are still there). I also recall that there was a place
in the Hilton gift shop in Cario that arranged that sort of thing

  • you should be able to look them up on the internet.

I am not sure of the stamping - but they consider 18k low end
over there so 22k shouldn’t be a problem. Might be a bit tricky
to import.

This is more on the topic of the valuation of gold in different
cultures but in Saudi Arabia they relegate really nice 18k
Italian chains to a nail or shower curtain hook - the gold shops
there are very sureal - most is 22k or 24k. I walked into one
store, the fellow behind the counter beckoned me over and
promptly put a Bedouin breast plate over my head - the thing
must have weighed over a couple of pounds - hey it was only
$22,000 US (wish I could have afforded it). Silver doesn’t even
rate a store - it is sold outdoors on carpets.

Cameron Speedie
Island Gem and Rock