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[Education] NYC

Hi - You have a great resource up there in NYC - try the 42nd
street Y. I know the director of the program and she’s great.
Not only do you have good class teachers, but they have great
weekend workshops as well.


Give the 92nd Street Y in New York City a try. Since Shana
Kroiz from the Maryland Institute started heading up the classes,
I hear they are doing wonderful things. Are you speaking about
Carol and Murph at Caldron Crafts in Baltimore?

Iris In Baltimore

You might check the 92nd St. Y, the Crafts Students League,
these may or may not still be around (I’m not in NYC). And I
believe there are a number of small private schools…you can
find these by checking for ads in Metalsmith, Ornament, American
Craft, etc. Also check all your universities – both credit and
non-credit. Good luck.


I’m sure you meant the 92nd St Y, and I agree. The 53rd St. Y
also has a great program. In addition there are several private
studios where instructions are available and at a high level of
skill. Hope this is helpful.


Cecelia Bauer studios on 29th street offers wonderful classes! I
went for two years and it was a wonderful experience

also good is the 92nd street Y

good luck

Ryr–the 92nd Street Y is a very good place. If you live in the
suburbs around the City, there are adult ed courses that are good
for beginners. Also, the Westchester Art Workshop, in White
Plains, at the County Center has some good courses. Once you get
some basic skills, Cecelia Bauer’s Studio is wonderful for
learning chainmaking, granulation, etc. Sandra