Education/handmade[YIP...I mean...YAK]

So for those that don't wire wrap their own pieces...don't makethe
findings and don't even string the beads I wouldn't call it
handmade, I mean, if you can't spare the time to choose the
individual stones that hang side by side in a piece you really
don't have control of how the piece ends up.

…Sigh…Oh dear, I neglected to specifically note that I do
select each bead and pearl individually, and design specifically
what hangs by what,(in fact, I’m rabidly anal about that aspect).
I’m just rotten at tieing all of those confounded little knots,
and wire wrapping all of those hundreds of pearls, so I pay very
patient talented types to do that aspect of the work for me.
Besides, if I did all of that knotting and wrapping, I’d have no
time to design or fabricate anything else. :slight_smile:

despite the manufacturing process it may well be art.>  

As for defining what “art” (Oops! Make that “ART”) is and isn’t,
I often return to my old art history texts to remind myself. I’m
particularly fond of a piece from Marcel Duchamps’ “Readymade”
collection,(1917), entitled: “Fountain”. :wink: With all good humor,
and some tongue in my cheek,

Lisa,(Drat! Pesky rainclouds are appearing again),Topanga, CA