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Educated @ Talented Goldsmiths

I am in the same boat, different paddles. My family and I are
moving back to Arizona in a month or so and I am looking for a
good goldsmith to take my place at the store here in Stillwater,
Oklahoma, a very busy retail jewelry store with full service
repair and custom shop. If anyone out there has any suggestions
or if anyone has an interest in this job, please e mail me at @Robert_Remington.

Good luck.

Thanks to Martin, Robert, Steve, Kat, Mark, and Elaine for the
input and ideas!

To answer Kat’s questions… As far as what’s paid, I have no
control over that. I am the goldsmith at the main store, and not
management. I do get to pick the talent tho. They have a decent
benefits package including medical, dental, life/disability and a
401K. I could only guess that if the shop were to hire someone
with talents near to mine, they’d be taking in somewhere in the
mid 30’s, possibly more. The store in question is close to
Atlantic City and is tremendously busy.

As to why would they want to work for a company and not
themselves? I’d say it’s a matter of personal inclination. I’ve
been there 11 years now and while I’ve kept a very small business
of my own, I really need the stability of a weekly paycheck in my
life right now (mortgage and a child in private school). Yes,
maybe someday I’ll go it on my own, but it’ll be wholesale if
anything. The idea of running retail on my own makes my skin
crawl :wink:

What I want is someone to whom I can pass a sensitive job and
know I don’t need to worry for a second about it’s perfect
completion. What I’ll take is someone who can get the basic
repairs and polishing out of my hair so I can alter that $30,000
necklace while the customer waits, or knock out the handbuilt
platinum piece that was wanted yesterday.

Ah well… in the meantime, a fellow orchid follower sent me the
number for a headhunter that handles bench mechanics. I guess
I’ll finish my course in highpowered whining and go make life
interesting for management until they call them .


Hey Jane:

Just for my possible future intrests and those out there who
could use it right now, who IS this headhunter???

Steve Klepinger

Just for my possible future intrests and those out there who
could use it right now, who IS this headhunter???


Here’s the info I got:
His name is Vic Davis, from the Christiansen Group. His phone number is
(888) 658-2400.

Jane :slight_smile: