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Edmonton Alberta School

Hi, I’m new and going to lurk.

Is there a gem cutting/goldsmithing school in Edmonton Alberta

I havent been able to locate much in the way of resources due to my
current work.

any help is much appreciated/

Cheers… Tim Randles

Hello Tim Randles Heres a suggestion, little one, but its a start.
Try contacting the Canadian Institute of Gemmology, in Vancouver,
1-800-294-02211. Hope its a help!
"Gerry, the cyber-setter !

Hi folks. I should introduce myself. My name is Dana Reed and I am a
beginning jeweller living in rural Manitoba. I’ve recently moved
from Vancouver, BC and have now the time to get back into making
jewelry. I’ve just joined the list and have found it a good source of

Tim, here is a web page listing jewelry education sources in

I have a question myself. Does anyone know of good sources for tools
and equipment in Canada, other than in Vancouver?

Thanks. Dana Reed


I grew up in Edmonton, but live in Arizona. Get your business
license, even if you are going to sell your stuff to your mother.

The cost of training and supplies add up.

I was in Toronto last summer and forgot my plyer.

I found a supplier in a building on Dundas Square- which is a
diamond exchange in downtown Toronto. I would suggest going to and entering the street names. There was also a suplier in a
building at Queen and Victoria street in downtown as well. I know
they have a mail order service. There is also a great refinery in
Richmond Hill. You may want to see if they will give you an annual
contract price for silver- if you are going to do any chains you’ll
end up using a lot and you’ll end up saving around 25%. Most
companies here will allow you to combind the all of your metals.

have fun