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Economics of casting [YAKITY YAK]

I don’t cast my cast work, I don’t string my strung work, I don’t
wire wrap most of my wire wrapped work, and I don’t cut most of my
own stones or drill my own pearls,(I don’t dive for them either).
I also don’t refine my own metals, fabricate most of my findings,
form my own sheet or draw all of my wire. There are just so many
hours in my short little life. I do however sell all of this
unstrung uncut not cast unwired stuff as mine and only mine. It
does all come straight out of my small warped mind, and with any
luck, none of my beautifully thought out ideas look like any of
your beautifully thought out ideas. Thinking and making and
selling and promoting are harrowing enough without forcing me to
come to grips with semantics too. Please, know that I mean this in
the sweetest kindest most disarmingly ingenuous way, although I’m
certain to have stepped on a toe or two,(I swear I didn’t see 'em).
I just note to the customer both wholesale or retail, if the work
is fabricated or cast, and if they are multiples. See…

Lisa,(warm again hurrah! Back on the horse, up in the mountains
where the lupine and orange poppies and yellow black-eyed-susan and
blue statice and…ick…poison oak are all riotously abloom thanks
to all of that hideous rain. Horses look very fine with their
mouths full of nice purple lupine don’t you think?)Topanga,CA

Brilliant! This is the letter to end all letters about what
jewelry fabrication is all about! You hit the nail on the
head…and think about it, if we did indeed do all those things,
it would put all the other specialists out of business…and we
wouldn’t want that to happen now, would we?

If anyone actually thinks that there is enough hrs in a day to
do every form of jewelry technique on their own, I would love to
hear from them…They must be truly gifted…either that or on
some kind of fantastic drug that makes one invincible…or
indeed, maybe even God himself…What a concept…

I too know probably everything there is to know about all
techniques, but, alas, I am neither crazy or invincible…

Just my two gold coins worth…

Bryna Tracy
One of a Kind Jewelry and Design

Bryna, there is a magic place where, for the most part, Jewelers
do every form of jewelry technique on thier own! As well as alloy
there own metal and make thier own solder! That’s they way they
did it when I was in Florence. Findings can be found but tubing
and sheet metal are hard to find, as is good solder. It drove me
crazy, and it tends to keep the work more traditinal.


I agree! We are all exposed to whatever is left of the
environment (and it IS very inspirational! But, even our own ideas
have been based on something else (multiples.) I have yet to
duplicate a design, although I have made some which are similar. I
could only wish I could make them QUICKER and make more of them
(than my own ability) for some shows.