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Eclectic Lapidary ezine is returning!

I’m happy to announce that The Eclectic Lapidary ezine is restarting
in March after a two-year hiatus. During February, we’ll be
finishing up the renovations to the site and structure, and putting
up introductions to the staff. (The old archives will be available
at the existing site until the renovations are completed.)

The Eclectic Lapidary will offer a free area for non-subscribers.You
will need to subscribe to access the rest of the articles and
features each month. But all the available archived articles from
the “old” Eclectic Lapidary from 1996 to 2001 will remain freely
accessible to everyone, subscriber or non-subscriber. The "new"
archives will be for subscribers only. Classified ads for trading
and selling in the Trading Post can be viewed by everyone, but only
subscribers can place an ad – free.

It will be our pleasure to offer Orchid members a 25% discount if
they email us at for a discount code, or
email me directly.

If any Orchidians would like to discuss submissions to either the
free access or subscription sections, please let us know.

I wish I could be with you all at the Tucson dinner, but I’m still
working on getting my new knees to function, and if all goes well,
I’ll be there next year. If you are in Tucson, say hi to Hans
Durstling, our new Editor, at the Orchid Dinner or at the Alpha
Supply booth.

Best regards to you all!

Carol J. Bova