[eBook] Bench Tricks For Goldsmithing

Hi All,

We have a new product about to be released. It is a bench tricks CD
with tons of and intriguing ideas. We would like to offer
Orchid members a pre-publication opportunity.

“Bench Tricks for Goldsmithing” CDROM
by Charles Lewton-Brain

“Bench Tricks for Goldsmithing” is a Powerpoint slide show with
commentary that has over 200 pictures of really great bench tricks,
cheap and peculiar tool sources, surprising ways of using tools and
more. The great pictures and easy to understand notes are guaranteed
to show you new ways of saving money and of making tools and
equipment work for you. It will also make you think. You’ll save
hundreds of dollars if you apply the ideas revealed in this show. As
a lecture an earlier version was presented in New York and Tucson for
MJSA and AGTA in 2006. The “Bench Tricks for Goldsmithing” CD comes
as well with a PDF file of the complete “Cheap Thrills in the Tool
Shop” book, Lewton-Brain’s 1994 work describing hundreds of
traditional and contemporary bench tricks.

Available as: CDROM.

Required software: Powerpoint Reader. Adobe Acrobat Reader. Free
Powerpoint readers are available for Mac and PC platforms online and
are included with many new computers. The CD includes a PPS show and
a printable PDF file of the book Cheap Thrills in the Tool Shop
(which normally sells separately for $24.95). Retail Price:$34.95.

Special Orchid Price until June 30th, 2006: $30.00 including
shipping. Contact us OFF-List at @Charles_Lewton-Brai1 if you are
interested in a copy.

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