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eBay's major changes to Artisan Jewelry

Dear Orchidland,

I don’t know if hanuman will let this through, since it has an eBay
link in it, but it seems like it might effect a lot of people. I’m
forwarding it from the Delphi Creative Wire jewelry Forum.

Lisa Orlando
Aphrodite’s Ornaments

I know I havent posted for quite awhile but this is important
and everyone needs to know.

For anyone selling jewelry on eBay be aware there are some
major changes set for July 2005.

They are deleting the Jewlery/Watches catagory -
Designer/Artisan and changing it to Designer Brands.

Anyone selling any type of artisan jewelry would be lumped in
the same catagory with people selling designer jewelry (David
Yurman) and cheap mass produced crap. They also suggest we
list in the “Other” catagory.

There is a discussion group on eBay where the catagory manager
Ann is taking responses from eBay members until 5/25/05 Be
aware these changes have already been decided upon - there is
a chance we can change their minds if enough people speak out!

If this takes place its going to trickle down to affect buyers
and sellers. Some sellers are saying this will put them out of
business thereby they sure won’t be buying gemstones,
findings, and lampwork beads etc anymore. It will affect a
broad spectrum of people and eBay needs to know that its NOT a
change for the good.

Here is the link to the group where you can voice your opinion

  • the first part explains all the changes and at the bottom is
    the member responses - as I last checked 232 members had
    spoken out in protest against these changes and to give
    artisans their OWN catagory.

Other members across several jewelry/lampwork forums have
voiced their outrage at the changes as well but we need to
speak up where eBay can read it!

It seems as if eBay got enough feedback that they decided to revise
their plan. There will now be a separate category called
"Handcrafted, Artisan Jewelry." Here is what they have to say about
how it will work:

Lisa Orlando
Aphrodite’s Ornaments

Yay that was my suggestion handcrafted Artisan category woohoo!

America’s Only Cameo Artist