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Ebay cyber cheats

I’m not a big precious stone buyer. I usually buy semi-precious,
citrine,iolite, garnet,topaz etc. I am not a jeweler, so perhaps I
don’t really know much. But I have used Jamngems at e-bay.
Everything I have bought has been exactly what I expected. They have
had some beautiful stones. I don’t trust some of the dealers so I
usually just deal with the same ones. Christine Estes

I must agree with Christine — Not ALL eBay sellers are cheats.
Ebay reiterates (ad nauseum) caveat emptor [BUYER BEWARE]. As a
frequent buyer on eBay, I assume the responsibility of checking the
feedback on the seller, avoid new sellers with small feedback
ratings, check out any negative comments, and ask questions up front
of the seller. I have been disappointed a couple of times, but
fortunately, not on big ticket stones or tools or items. I, too,
stick with familiar sellers whenever possible. --Sherry Terao

All, Ebay is a most curious mixture of vendors and buyers. I tried
Ebay for a while as a vendor. I sold both finished stones and rough
rock. The experience was like being a vendor at a flea market. All
people were searching for a bargain and most had very little
knowledge of what they were buying. As a manufacturer I do not have
the time to market on this venue. As a buyer I have purchased many
stones. All the stones I have purchased (Approximately 100) needed
to be recut. They were not suitable for resale in their current
condition. These stones are rejects from sales at other venues. The
vendors on Ebay buy these stones for very little money in large
quantities and sell them individually for very little money Some
vendors on Ebay have tried to market better stones at higher prices.
I have followed their marketing and have found that they have very
poor sales on better quality stones. Some vendors have tried to
market good quality stones at bargain prices. Like one vendor right
now selling 2-4 carat good quality rubies from Burma for $1,000 per
carat. This is a steal, if the stones are properly disclosed. I do
not buy them because the price is a lot of money to be spent in a
venue that is known for thievery. To sum up my experience would be
to say - Ebay is fantastic. I enjoy it, but I would never buy an
expensive stone off Ebay. Ebay as a company has very little
creditability. Ebay needs to closely scrutinize the vendors,
establish rules for the vendors, and follow up on complaints. Right
now Ebay does none of the above and is operating a low class cyber
flea market.

Gerry Galarneau

Hello all, I can’t complain about the quality of my (few) eBay
purchases, but I do caution buyers about the seller charging high
shipping/handling fees. It is quite possible to buy an item for $15
and pay $25 to ship. The actual UPS or USP charge might be $10, and
the rest goes where? Perhaps the seller’s method of assuring a
minimum income from the item? “Buyer Beware” also applies to asking
the seller to reveal the shipping cost.
Judy in Kansas

I absolutely agree. I have purchased quite a few low value items from
Ebay without any problems. Please read the small print especially
shipping/handling fees and payment methods