Easy torch enameling

Learn Torch Enameling with Chris Hierholzer

This 24 minute instructional video is full of close-up photos of the
torch firing process in real time. In addtion to showing the firing
of the uncdercoat, counterenamel and top coat, Chris shows you his
interesting technique of carving through an overlay of gold foil to
“draw” a design.

He also includes several different options for the torch firing
set-up. Viewing this will help beginners without kilns or anyone
wanting to try an alternate way of firing enamels. Chris is
generously donating all his profits from this DVD sales to The
Ganoksin Project!

Chris Hierholzer has been involved in metals for 50 years, in
foundries, welding shops, and jewelry. He is fascinated with the
process and its constantly changing creative aspects. He started
creating enamels during the 1980’s and during that time he was part
time assistant to William Harper.

Now on available through the Ganoksin Project