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Earring screw back findings


Wish I could have made the trip to Tuscon this year. Maybe next…
it all sounds so wonderful.

Does anyone have a recommended source for screw-back findings for
earrings? I’m looking for both 14K and Sterling.

Many thanks.


Stuller carries them in gold – yellow and white, but I don’t
believe they carry any silver.



Just 2 cents worth about the screw backs - they are a pain in the
neck! If you have a choice, I would not put them on. Trying to take
them on and off is tedious and very often the threads get bungled up
and the earring falls off anyway. Stuller and Hoover and maybe some
of the others have new ‘push on’ types of backs that are much more
user friendly. Dina in a blustery snow covered maryland.


Good morning, If Stuller doesn’t carry them . please check with the
swest company at 800-527-5057

Andy “The Tool Guy” Kroungold