Earring posts

G’day - here’s another two pennyworth on the subject. Several
folk have suggested the use of diagonal nippers, or side cutters.
Here’s a variation on that theme. Buy a pair of small El
Cheepo cutters. They aren’t terribly hard, being what you paid
for them, yet soft enough to allow you to make a tiny nick in one
of the blades, then another exactly opposite the first nick, and
the same size. A little Swiss file will do the trick. (Expensive
cutters and you’d need a diamond cut off wheel.) If you’re
going to use say, 0.8mm posts, the nicks together should just
allow a piece of 0.65 to 7mm wire to slip through the little hole
when the cutters are closed. So you take your post wire, place
it on one of the nicks 2mm from the ROUNDED end, gently close the
cutters and rotate. I find it easiest to hold the wire in a
little chuck. Lo! a nice little groove that will stop the
butterflies, scrolls, nuts, (or whatever you call them) sliding
off too easily, and you won’t need much practice to avoid
accidentally cutting through the posts. Cheers, now,

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Autumn’s here…

What about those electrical wire strippers they sell at Radio
Shack? Then you could just stick your post in to one of the holes
and squeeze. I never tried it, but it sounded good :slight_smile: Regards,
Kirsten in PA