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Earring Post Dimple

I make my own earring post. I draw wire to the size of the hole in the nut that I use. Then I solder one end to the first earring, cut off about 1" and solder the other end to the other earring. Now both earrings are together and there is a handle to hold on to for polishing or finding them in the tumbler. I give the pair opposite direction twists to harden the wire and test the joints and then cut them apart to length. Once everything is polished straight and ready for a nut, I try to impress a keeper dimple on the end of the post with a pair of round nose pliers. I sometime get over zealous and it breaks. I am looking for better, easier less problematic ways to create the dimple. I think that this has been discussed before, but I can’t find it specifically in the archives. I am considering dulling and polishing the cutting edges of a wire stripper or old pair of diagonal cutters. Any suggestions are appreciated. Thanks…Rob

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Hi Rob,
I’ve converted an old knackered pair of sidecutters…filed a hole about 90% of dimension of the post and then sharpened edge up (but not too sharp as want to create dent more than cut) so when close side cutters they creat a dimple in the wire - twist the cutters 90 degrees and u end up with the groove all the way around the post.
I will try to remember to post an image tomorrow when back in the workshop tomorrow…
hope this makes some sort of sense!