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Earring connections



I am trying to think of a way to make an earring connection for
a pair of earrings I am working on. The best way to explain
them is think of a pair of thick hollowed out hoop earrings. Now
picture the earring sliced in half, with one half going through
the pierced hole in front of the ear, the other hoop half
connecting with the front half throught the pierced hole so you
do not see the connection. Should the connection be a screw like
device? Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!!!



A long time ago I had a sterling earring of a thick snake with 2
halves that connected to look like it was going through your ear.
It had a post (of normal earring size) coming out of the front
half that was slightly curved. the back half had a hole in it
that curved with the shape of the earring. When you put them
together the curve created enough tension to hold them together.
And it worked because I wore these for years.

The only problem seems to be how to drill a curved hole (?). I
never quite figured that one out. But there’s got to be some
trick. As far a screw connection, you may run into problems,
tapping threads can be a pain and I don’t know the durability
with soft metal like silver, they might strip after a few uses
(just a guess). It may also be awkward for someone if they have
to turn the whole back half of the earring to get it on

Hey, here’s a thought: maybe you can drill a normal size post and
receiving hole but connect the two halves of the earring in a U
shape under the ear with a springy/tensioned hinge (like what
clip-on earrings have) and make the earring one piece that could
open to put on. Well it would be secure at least!

Good luck

Amy O’Connell
Amy O’Connell Jewelry


Hello DeDe, Could you use a friction connection like a pierced
earring back? You might be able insert a piece of rubber into a
tube and pierce a hole in it to accept the post.

Timothy A. Hansen