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Earring card delimma

Thanks Beth for your suggestion … Rio is what I have been using
Their pre- Printed Handcrafted cards and appling the hook w/ the
adhiesive hooks… But for others why we want to change…
The orginal card w/ Handcrafted on them use to work faily well Till
!! they cheapened the quality of the card… Changed the type and
thickness of the card paper… The stick on hooks Use to stick on the
old style fine but now. Well I am constantly picking up the cards
because the glue doesn’t stick to the newer cards(works on theold
ones)… And to make it worst they have over the years gotten more &
more exspensive… So time for a change tired of warped cards with a
little moisture… or heat… Looking for the home made style card
that I can buy…the ones “I” don’t have to make., the ones with
Handcrafted standards to there cards… Surely I can not be the only
person with this problem at outdoor art shows… I am always looking
for Ideas from other artists in the show… The alternitive is
hanging them uncarded in a rack… but personally I think it opens you
up to losing a few here and there… So far something I have not
experienced. but thanks… for your suggestion again… See what some
other have to say…