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Early morning solutions

I was having difficulty…(I sometimes do) in preparing a wax form for
the initial casting…Nothing went well, I put it down and walked
away. Early this morning at 6:30 a.m. the problem came to me and was
solved. As my prototype was still in it’s infancy, I think that
solution could be solved at the next step…in it’s silver pattern
stage…then all corrections can be altered and soldering then…why
waste my time worrying over the little things?..

Gerry Lewy

I often find that my most productive problem-solving time is that
early morning period which is sort of between asleep and awake. My
mind is in a kind of free-floationg mode without other distractions.
If I can remember to bring my attention to a sticky problem, somehow
the answer often becomes clear.


The time for me to mentally solve problems is on the OTHER end of
the day. However sometimes this still could be considered “early
morning” ! I have found, through the use of meditation techniques,
that this process can be directed more than you might think. I think
of the problem in a general way in the stage before sleep, pushing
out other thoughts. Then, as I feel myself beginning that "float"
before I am completely asleep, I consciously direct my thoughts more
specifically. I find this extends that “pre-sleep” moment, and the
thought process continues after I have passed over into deep sleep.
Somehow, this also helps me remember my dreams, which my thoughts
have by that time have become. It’s actually rather fun as well!

I first used the process as a means of changing the nature of my
dreams, beginning by deliberately starting one of my more unpleasant
dreams, and finally substituting a more acceptable climax. Then one
night, I was facing a problem of how to put something together. I was
thinking of “how to” at bedtime. The process carried over. When I
asked my counselor about what happened, she helped me explore how to
use this innate capability, which probably most of us, as creative
people, unknowingly have within ourselves.

Happy dreams!