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Ear Cuff Parameters?


Hi All.

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A customer request for some ear cuffs has led me to finally make
some. I have a feeling I might have been leaving money on the table
over the years, since my style of stampwork lends itself beautifully
to this format. So I’m kind of exited about mining a new niche. I
already made a display rack that came out pretty cool if I do say
so. I’m ready to roll.

She sent me her favorite cuff to measure, which appeared to be 26
ga. I made a couple that seemed the same size to me, but they were
still a little big. So, before I start making a bunch of cuffs, I’m
wondering if any of you out there can suggest some very specific
parameters here. Comfort and security have to coexist, and fit is
apparently a fine line. And I’d like to be able to sell them online,
where customers can’t try them on.

I looked at lots of cuffs online and there is a variety of forms for
sure. On some, the ends are angled straight out a bit from the
circular, while some are not. Some seem very heavy, some are more
oval than circular. I’m leaning toward 22 ga. so I can get some
deeper impressions, but maybe the greater flex of the 26 ga. is a
comfort factor. And what should the gap generally be?

On the other hand, maybe I should just assume that different people
are different sizes, and just make a bunch of different ones. I can
always customize or replicate if necessary.

Does anyone know of any great written instructions for how to put on
an ear cuff? Are they generally sold as singles or pairs? Any
guidance would be much appreciated.

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Allan, Ear Cuffs are frequently made by Wire Wrappers, perhaps a
query on one of their forums may also get you a bunch of replies. I
do remember learning, but did not commit to my fingers.