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[E-biz] jewelry website stats

Hi all, I need some … I don’t rely on my websites
for sales, but recently attached a counter to them and was surprised
at the number of visits I get. Working from that I found I get 1% of
sales from these clients(first time buyers) who visit. I don’t use
credit cards on my site and I really only use it as an extra selling
tool with people I deal with. However I want to figure out what is
an average percentage of sales from visits I might expect if I do go
the credit card route. Sure I get a lot of tire kickers and time
wasters, how do you guys deal with that, I always write a short
response and ask for them to call in to discuss it, or phone me,
that seems to work. So to sum up any info on website stats (jewelry
only) and the mind of an Internet buyer or tire kicker would be much
appreciated. Let me know your sales with or without credit cards.
Thanks in advance,

Ed Dawson
Maine Master Models


There are many online resources with great on this
subject. My advise to you is to carfully work the numbers and figure
your website sucess by considering the simple ACR concept:

A - [Aquire] How many new visitors you get per month ?

Good internet presence, advertizing etc. will increase this part.

C - [Convert] what is the conversion rate from visitors to customers ?

(No of unique visitors)/(Numbers of orders)*100

Good website design, services and products with significant added
value, good customer support

R - [Retention] What is your retention rate of customers. i.e.
customers who do business with you more than once.

(Number of orders)/(number of customers)*100

Depends on you quality of service QPD [Quality, Price and Delivery)

After working the above numbers you can now project your sales based
on your site click value. Click value = Total sales in $/Number of unique

now substract your added value % from this number to get the
estimated budget for attracting one vistor, project your sales target
and work the numbers how much to invest it in web promotion in
order to aquire more visits and thus more sales :slight_smile:

Hope i didn’t confuse you;

If you would like to discuss it further feel free to call me at +66
1 8998 450 [GT+7] 10am - 10 pm

Your host

Hi Ed , Credit Cards do get sales, BUT there are other factors which
contribute too

Effective site design Design, Reasonable Price , organized Product
Display ,Effective Customer Support , have easy to use shopping cart
, Reliable hosting company are a few points which came to my mind.

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