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E-Bench Seminars

I have been waiting to see the next schedule of E-Bench Seminars,
before posting a hands on, participant review.

A few months ago E-Bench Seminar was here in San Diego area. Having
previously met/seen both Brad Simon and Jurgen Maerz, I jumped at
the opportunity to attend.

The format is very easy to follow, and the visual set up is clear
and a dream to watch. The melding of both Brad and Jurgen’s
personalities, lead to pleasurable comprehension. They have much to
say, and we learned all of it.

The comments from fellow attendees were very positive. I heard more
than once, “This alone made it all worthwhile.” Business acumen,
jewelry techniques, suggestions and humor were present from
beginning to end.

The sharing between attendees, added to the overall presentation.
There were “Aha’s” emanating from both the front and back of the

I wholeheartedly recommend E-Bench Seminars, yes, even for a little
guy like me.


It’s great that you enjoyed this presentation.

I can remember only one comment referring to a class or workshop
that wasn’t effusive. In the interest of balance are critical
beyond the pale?