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Dynamic Display Systems

Hello Everyone! Looking for quality, secure, easily transported
display cases for doing outdoor craftfairs. It is imperative that
they dismantle and go back together easily and quickly. Have been
looking at the Website for Dynamic Display Systems but can’t get
through to them by phone? Has anyone ever used these cases (the
freestanding ones). If so I would appreciate any feedback on them,
the pros and cons, etc. Also got into a site for Obrienshowcases
that didn’t look bad, any feedback on those? Any other leads would
be great. Appreciate all your responses. Thankyou. GRACE

I use dynamic display cases and can only say good things about them.
Paul Wilton the owner is absolutely wonderful to work with. The
cases themselves collapse to fit into my Honda civic and look good.
Keep trying.

This year I will do my first outdoor shows and plan to buy the solid
fronts for the pedistals, I think they will look better outside than
fabric. (by covering the legs you get lots of storage space

Betty belmonte

 Also got into a site for Obrienshowcases that didn't look bad, any
feedback on those? 

I use Obrian Show cases. They are very durable, good looking and
well made. However, they are not easily dismantled and put together
again. Also they are rather heavy. They are made to stack so I take
them assembled, stacked in the back of my van. They have dropped and
had things fall into them and have never broken and I have used them
for years.

Hope this helps.

Jan McClellan

Sorry to be a msg or 2 late-- but does anyone know website of
OBrian showcases?

Dear Betty,It sounds like you have what I need. Please share we I and
other Orchid members can get more infomation> Does the company have a
web site, catalog,or phone number that they can be reached? Looking
forward to your answer. Thanks, Norma

    Sorry to be a msg or 2 late-- but does anyone know website of
OBrian showcases?


The Web site is 1-800-928-7637 . If
you get in touch with them, please tell Paul I sent you. Betty

I’d also like to hear if any of you have experience with the Dynamic
Display Systems and how easy or hard they are to set up for shows.
I’m looking at portable battery and inverters and light systems
also. The Dynamic company as halogen lights that can be purchased
from their company. If anyone has any other brand of case systems
for indoor and outdoor shows, lights and battery systems to consider
please let me know. Annette

Annette, I have used DDS for my showcases for 3 years now. The
double pedestal bases are slightly more time consuming to break down
than the single but overall it isn’t that difficult. I currently
use 3 single pedestals and 2 doubles. I have 4 showcases on top of

I used to fly to shows and was able to check my cases on the plane
with my suitcase inside the largest one, taking only my line
onboard. But as I have expanded and now have too many cases. With
security what it is now, I wouldn’t do that but it was great while
it lasted.

Back when I used to have only 3 single peds. and 3 display cases I
could get in and out before any other jeweler excepting those who
rented cases. Now that I have expanded I get out later.

It takes me (alone) about 2.5 to 3 hours to break down completely
after a show. This includes doing everything from taking out my
work and taking it to the lockup to getting phone numbers from my
newly found friends. The last show I did (Atlanta ACC) the show was
over at 5:00pm and I was on the road with my cases in the back seat
of my '92 Honda sedan at 7:45pm.

I use the halogen lights for my displays, too. Though I have never
done an outdoor show so haven’t had the need to worry about battery
power. The lights can be problematic for me. I have overhead
lights and in-case lights. I like to use the in-case lights to
spotlight certain items but they can be rather difficult to aim
since they only swivel in one direction.

Overall I rate DDS very high and am constantly getting other artists
coming by complimenting me about the cases.

Let me know if you have other questions

Larry Getting ready for the ACC Saint Paul show, trading sunny and 60
for who knows what kind of weather in MN.

Hi Annette, I use the Dynamic Display cases. I bought them last year
and have been very happy with them. I know a few other jewelers who
use them as well, and as far as I can tell, they’re as satisfied as I
am. They break down into almost nothing, so storage and
transportation are relatively easy. They look very good, in my
opinion… sleek and professional. Definitely not the flea market
look. They’re quick and easy to put together and take down, with
basically no tools or mechanical skills required. There are some set
screws on the glass top you can tighten with an allen key after the
case is assembled, but its not absolutely necessary.

Initially I didn’t buy the case lights, but had the cases drilled
for them. After one show without them, I had the lights for my second
show. Even in adequate daytime lighting, they are a big plus. My
opals positively dance under the case lights. At $95 a strip (double
cases requiring two), they ain’t cheap. I haven’t rigged up a way to
run the lighting off a DC power supply for situations where
electricity isn’t available, but it can be done and I need to figure
it out. I followed the thread a couple weeks ago with great interest.
If anyone had wired these DD case lights for DC operation, I’d love
to hear about it!

The only drawback or concern I have about the cases is stability.
Normally not an issue, but I’ve had situations where teenagers or old
ladies come up and practically lay on the case, causing it to shift
or tip and my heart to skip a beat. After having done that on one
side of my display, I had a kid go over to the other side and do it
again! Fortunately, his mom kicked him out of the booth before I had
to take “corrective action.” I’ve toyed with the idea of clamping,
screwing or bolting horizontal support struts along the ground to
provide a larger and more stable footprint, but haven’t followed
through on that idea either.

One consideration is whether to get the flat top or slant top cases.
I bought slant top. No worries about people putting or leaving their
coffee cups on your case, but you also don’t have the place to put
any pieces or trays down if you’re showing something. On the other
hand, you’re not going to inadvertently leave anything out on top of
the case, either. I think the slant top gives better visibility, and
a natural “tiering” of your display, but jewelers with flat tops seem
to be just as happy with their decisions.

Let me know if you have any further questions!

All the best,
Dave Sebaste
Sebaste Studio and
Carolina Artisans’ Gallery
Charlotte, NC (USA)