Dyed candy jade and lead risk

Hello, I make jewelry for a California USA company that sells online.
California has laws that limit that amount of lead that can be
present in all jewelry sold.

We are responsible for gathering certification that each of the
components used in our jewelry meet the requirements of the law.

So weve been contacting our suppliers and manufacturers to collect
this documentation - a long, tedious process, to be sure.

A component that is confounding me is dyed ‘jade’, AKA mountain jade
or candy jade (yes, I know its not real jade).

So far, suppliers havent been able to supply the documentation, and I
havent been able to find any manufacturer info.

Meanwhile, Im wondering if theres any real risk of lead in dyed jade.
Im not concerned that the stone itself contains lead, but could the
dye? Ive been unable to find any about the dying process
or contents of the dye. If anyone has any on this, I
would be so grateful!

Thank you!