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[DVD] The Art of Granulation


The Art of Granulation DVDs now available!!

I am pleased to announce the release of my new DVDs on Fine Silver

Vol. 1 demonstrates step-by-step techniques for making a granulated
fine silver rosette pendant. It covers torch set-up, making granules,
making the glue solution, placing granules, firing and finishing,
plus repousse and making a bale.

Vol 2 demonstrates a more advanced project which includes
instruction on making a bezel, forming a dome, making the wires fit
to a curved surface, firing a domed surface, and making a different

Both DVDs are available through my website: or
varoius suppliers such as: Revere Academy, Otto Frei, Rio Grande,
Allcraft, and FDJ Jewelry Supply.

I am currently working on the next series of 4 DVDs covering 22kt
Gold Granulation to be released this Fall.

“The is clear, complete, and nicely illustrated with the
helpful close up photography. …excellent graphics, both on the
package and the onscreen menus. The whole look is refined, elegant,
and appealing…set a high standard that deserves further entries.”

Tim McCreight

"The dvd’s are clear, informative and instructional. I really
appreciated the section on torch assembly/set-up in the first dvd.
You know I am a real bug about torches; it’s a subject that is sorely

Your comprehensive script, the step by step sequencing, the
incredible close-up photography and your clear, articulate verbal
presentation and directions are all absolutely superb. Seamless.
Flawless. I believe that an absolute beginner could, on the basis of
your dvd presentation alone, granulate a piece successfully simply by
following and adhering to your ‘recipe’. "

John Cogswell

"The other day I receive a video on granulation by Ronda Coryell - I
was truly amazed with depth of and ease of instruction.
Ms. Coryell takes an ancient technique full of mystery and alchemy
and deciphers its essence for the contemporary jeweler. Her
presentation is relaxed, straightforward and thorough. The lessons
will facilitate a beginner and enlighten a master. "

Marne Ryan

The Art of Granulation DVDs by Ronda Coryell 

I would like to add my praise for this dvd series by an acknowledged
master granulator and excellent teacher. These videos go in depth
and detail that is not found anywhere else. As well Ronda throws in
great tricks like using washers of varying thicknesses to make
identical wire lengths (you hold the snips flush on the washer and
then push wire into the hole cutting as you push to get rapid same
sized pieces. Highly recommended!!!




I would love to buy the dvd, but I’m saving my centimes at present
for when I can find a copy of Alan Revere’s Professional

I’m trying to get my head around the washer trick. I can’t figure
out how you push the wire through the washer whilst snipping and get
the same sized pieces each time, without having something the other
side of the washer to stop the wire, in which case it wouldn’t be a
rapid process. Apologies - I’m sure I’m missing the obvious, any help
would be great!



Hi Judy,

the washer is flat on the table. The snips are parallel to the table
and laid flush on the top of the washer. The wire is vertical and
pushed downwards. The thickness of the individual washer determines
the length of wire snipped. As fast as you can push down and snip
identical lengths are cut off, bounce around the hole in the washer
(thus not getting lost).




The washer trick…you take a washer and lay it down on a flat
surface. Putting the flat side of flush-cuttering pliers against the
washer, you feed the wire straight down and snip, snip, snip,
snip…Thicker washer with same size wire, makes a larger
granule. Vary the size of the wire with one washer and make
different sizes, etc. This is covered in Vol 1.

Ronda Coryell


Art of Granulation - I have had a number of people email me because
they cannot seem to find where to by the new Art of Granulation
DVDs: FDJ Jewelry Supply, Rio Grande, Otto Frei, Revere Academy,
Stuller, or directly from me at