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[DVD] Damewood's Knotted Wire Knotted Wire jewelry

I have just finished watching Disk 1 of Loren Damewood’s Knotted
Wire jewelry. I feel very good about it. I believe anyone who has
ever taken a Workshop with Loren will more than appreciate this
instructional video.

For persons, who have enjoyed the wonderful Jewelry Loren has
created and spent time on his Golden web site, and is no
where on Loren’s cross country teaching tours, this is an excellent
alternative to learn Loren’s Knots.

Instructional videos are not easy to produce, I know that from first
hand experience being on premises when Jay Whaley is working on one.
I have also seen some that although done with good intentions, do
not quite get there.

Loren is to be commended on the extra efforts he made to make this a
very good tutorial. This is a two volume DVD set, and an excellent
addition to anyone’s resources, and a good value as well.