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Dutch goldsmiths

I am moving my workshop to the Netherlands or Germany from St
Maarten. Germany I am familiar with. No problem there to find high
end jewellers. But the Netherlands is another story.

Does anyone have the address of any good goldsmith web sites in the

Any independent goldsmiths that make contemporary high end
jewellery? Been looking around and can’t seem to find anything

Thanks, Hans

Hans, you ask about high end Goldsmiths in the Netherlands, well I am
not sure what you regard as high end. But I am a Fellow of The
Institute of Professional Goldsmiths here in the UK and we do have a
Dutch based jeweler who is also a member, his name is Rene van Tol,
see his website;

may I suggest that you send him an email and he may be able to give
you some Being a member of The Institute of Professional
Goldsmiths has some credit as there are strict entry conditions and
you cannot buy membership. Applicants must have experience consisting
of a minimum of four years’ training followed by not less then ten
years’ full-time employment within the trade. In addition applicants
may be required to attend an interview where their work can be
examined before being offered membership. Here is the IPG website if
anyone is interested in seeing what their aims are;

Peace and good health to all,
James Miller FIPG