Durston Side extension roller sales

Hi Orchid

I was wondering if anyone knew of a jewelry supplier that has the
two other side ext. rollers that are available for the Durston mills.
I have the standard 4 ‘D’ section rollers and was looking to get the
larger width rollers.

I know that no one in the states has them, and I’m checking right
now if Contenti or Cooksongold can get them for me. Basically, was
looking for an easier way of buying them from a retailer rather than
going through the wait and hassle of working with money transfers as
requested by Durston if buying directly.

Anyone know of retailers in Europe or elsewhere that stock these bad


Unless you need them asap, whoever imports Durston mills to the USof
A should be able to get Durston to put the rolls you need in with
their next order.

Otherwise importing from outside the USA will have the same hassle
as buying direct from Durston.

I happen to have these as well as other section rolls here but made
the up from blanks Durston sold me. I then hardened and tempered
them myself. that was 40 yrs ago tho, with father Durston!! You need
a lathe to do that. Got one?

If it was me now, id get the right ones from Durston you shouldnt
have any problem paying via a BACS bank payment. Takes 5 mins. Get
them to ship air mail by UPS takes 48 hrs at the most.

Or if youve any friend coming to the UK on holiday? get them to
bring therm back for you.

I powered my Durston and never looked back.

In the UK