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Durston Service was (Cavallin vs. Durston Rolling Mills)

Hello All,

I would like to give you an update on my Durston Mill. Within 24 hrs
of having posted my story of woe about my mill here on Orchid I
received a phone call from Matthew Durston! I unfortunately was not
able to answer the phone but my wife took the call. He then followed
up with an email asking for specific on which type of
gears I had on this mill. He then sent the replacement gears, keys
and snap rings via overnight delivery (actually 48 hrs as he is in
the UK and I am in the Northwestern part of the USA) at no charge!. I
must say I am truly amazed at this level of service and want to
publicly thank him for this. It would be a very different (better)
world if all companies exhibited this excellent level of customer
service. So my mill is back in service and my hat is off to the
Durston company and Matthew Durston.


James Binnion Metal Arts
Phone (360) 756-6550
Toll Free (877) 408 7287
Fax (360) 756-2160

Member of the Better Business Bureau

Jim, Your experience demonstrates to the rest of us, the POWER of
Orchid. Joel

Joel Schwalb