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Durston Agile 130 - March Rebate EXCLUSIVELY for Orchid Members

I’ve talked to Matthew Durston (@durston) , one of our advertisers, about offering a special incentive to Orchid members on his new lower-cost rolling mill.

I want to do more of this type of thing, and my plan is to spin up a category on Orchid just for things like this. Talking to @leah-ganoksin-admin about that soon actually :wink:

Anyway - for Durston C130 mills purchased in the month of March only, and only those purchased from @RioGrande, Matthew is offering a 5% manufacturer’s “rebate” to any silver member and a 10% “rebate” to any Gold member of Orchid.

Be sure to save your receipt. All you need is the email receipt from Rio, and to post a picture here on this thread of the mill when you get it (and maybe say a word or two but your first impressions). Matthew sends you a check four (4) weeks later. Pretty easy!

The mill is currently only sold by @RioGrande and you can purchase it at this link.

The all new low cost Agile 130 is a special addition to the range of Durston Rolling Mills, coming from the same stable as the DRM C130RE. It’s lighter – by having thinner frames – but where the mill really needs its strength it’s fully designed to support the load without any compromise on quality.

A traditional T-bar replaces the hand-wheel and you’ll find 5 half-rounds as part of the main roller.

There are 11 square grooves (same as the DRM C130 but included is 5 half rounds 6, 5, 4, 3 and 2mm – and still a huge 60mm of flat area.

The rolls are specially induction hardened to 65 RC. The main barrel to a depth of 6mm ensuring your rolls last a life time.

The Agile 130’s bearing blocks are fully supported, which is important to give the best possible rolled finish.

The bearings are self-lubricating and completely maintenance-free… while the beautifully formed square grooves have been specifically designed to produce the best possible rolled finish.

The heavy duty five-to-one gearbox is unrivalled in the industry and makes turning so much easier.

Behind the cover, you’ll find two specially formed gears to make rolling even smoother.

Safety features include a protective guard around the top gears

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Seth and Matthew

Thanks for making my day during a very difficult week! I just ordered my mill and am very excited to be retiring a mini mill after 35 years of faithful service.

This is my first cash benefit (not to mention all my learning) as a gold member an I hope there will be many more. Keep up the good work!


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Thanks @fbroz - any other takers on this?

Sure wish I had the cash!

How much is it?

Information is at the link in the post.

Hey Seth and Mathew

Got my mill this evening and will mount tomorrow. As my boss (the wife) said I am one happy camper. Can’t believe it took me so long. Think the reduction gears will help save my back and love the extra 1/2 rounds and squares.

Found a good home for my 30 year old mini mill and will help to off set cost.

Thanks again

PS is there an address to email receipt to Rio?


Hi @durston I want to buy this but shipping to Australia costs more than the item.

Hi @fbroz just email the receipt to along with your mailing address for the rebate :slight_smile: