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Hi Sonja,

In the Zahn Dental catalog p 32 they offer Duralay in 2 sizes
and 3 colors. The standard kit is $16.49 and the lab kit is
$47.99. Also order 2 or 3 dappen dishes to mix it in(they’re
cheap). Buy the standard kit and if you like it, buy the lab
kit and refill the standard kit. BTW, wipe out the dappen dish
with kleenex while the acrylic is still soft. If you forget
just soak it in water for awhile and in an hour or so it will
come right out. Smooth silicon ‘bowls’ about the size of a shot
glass can be had that clean up in a flash especially when hard.

You can get Zahns catalog by calling 1-800-496-9500. Tell them
that you are a jeweler and that a dental tech friend put you
onto them. Many things like plate shears are cheaper here than
I have found elsewhere. Their own product line Acratone, is top
notch. Don’t be afraid of it. The shears are Misdom-Franck
German made and of fine quality.

Good Luck,

Skip Meister
NRA Endowment and