Drilling pearls

Good morning, I have a 12 mm pear shape Tahitian pearl that
needs to be drilled at the top of the pear, to hang as a pendent.
I have drilled pearls before but not one of this shape and
value. Does anyone have any suggestions on the procedure and what
kind of adhesive do you recommend. I normally use the 2 part
epoxy that you buy at the hardware store and takes 24 hours to
set up. Any insight on this procedure would be greatly
appreciated. Eileen, in the deep snow!

Eileen, I always use the two part epoxy, but I prefer the 5
minute kind. I use what ever size regular drill bit I need to
drill the holes with but first use a small ball burr to start the
hole so it does’nt travel around on that high dollar pearl. Never
had a problem with anything comming apart just make sure to make
some little teeth marks, I use a pair of small of side nippers
and just bearly give the post a slight squeeze as far down the
post as I can.That way the glue has something to hold onto. Good
luck, …Matt the Catt