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Drifting oxygen regulator

I had a dual stage oxygen regulator set up with a flashback arrestor
followed by a “Y” splitter with two torch hoses/torches attached
with quick release couplers. This set-up was attached to a Y-size
tank and seemed to work well for years. This past weekend, I noticed
that the line pressure gauge needle had wandered higher than the 10
lb. I had set it at. It drifted to 30+ PSI.

I tried shutting off the tank, purging the lines and releasing the T
bar. Then I opened the tank and cranked the T bar down to get 10 lb.
PSI. Once again, the line gauge needle started drifting up. The tank
gauge remained constant at 1600PSI.

I figured something was wrong with the regulator so I switched to a
back-up single stage regulator. I checked the usual installation
protocols and then tried to set the oxygen line pressure. At first
it seemed okay so I did some soldering. Then after an hour, I heard
hissing and realized that it was coming from the regulator. I shut
down the tank and watched the line needle go all the way around as I
started purging the lines. I guess this regulator is blown.

Has anyone had this happen? What are the odds of two seemingly good
regulators failing? Is it possible that the tank is the problem? I
forgot to mention that I tried setting up minus the flashback
arrestor to see if that did anything. It did not.

Any insights to this problem would be appreciated. In the meantime,
I’m taking the regulator and accessories to my repair person.

Thank you.
Donna Shimazu

im having a problem right now with an O2 regulator i had it rebuilt
last year for $50 at the local welding supply but now it creeps up
the hose line line pressure i guess it is time to trash the thing and
get a new one ? i dont really know if i am confident in the
replacement parts that may be available now after this exp. i suppose
ill have to shop around for a new victor or harris brand and try to
get over sticker shock


ok, this might be totally wrong, but the regulator I use on my o2 e
tanks, for medical use (darn it, I would rather use it for jewelry)
has a washer that has a rubber liner. sometimes the rubber thingie
wears out, or sticks to the tank, and I have to remove it from the
tank, which makes the rubber wear out or at least, need to be
replaced sooner.

with the washer thing missing, the rush of o2 is loud and unusable,
as it all rushes out. I use 6-8 liters… so it is very loud. it is
funny, I just had to have the concentrator replaced and it is a
beauty. is computerized this time to set the level. some of my
friends who make lampwork keep offering to visit and take the old one
home with them, i imagine this will be very popular.