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Dri-polisher Woes

Hi all,

I recently purchased the Raytech Dri-Polisher and used the media which came with it (DriShine 3 - corn husk with tripoli) and I’m so disappointed!

I threw some earrings in there (mix of brass and sterling) for about 6 hours and they came out with such a horrible, dusty coating on them I had to spend hours refinishing on the Foredom :frowning:

Has anyone else had this problem?

I’m also considering trying a porcelain media with a burnishing compound which is what we used at my old studio collective (loved it!) but im a bit hesitant as this model is technically a dri polisher so I’m wondering if anyone else out there has been naughty and used liquid in this model? If so, did it wreck it?

I’m still a bit new to this so any advice is greatly appreciated!

Have you read Tumble Finishing for Hand Made Jewelry by Judy Hock? Judy’s book gives you a good background for many forms of mass finishing for the small jewelry shop…Rob

I havent read it yet but did see it recommended on a few polishing threads. Seems to be a great resource!

Judy Hoch’s book is out of stock and I couldn’t even find it used. Looks like a good source so hopefully either Rio Grande or Otto Frei will restock. Out on Amazon as well. Just an FYI. If anyone knows who has it in stock please post!

You can order it directly from Judy via FB PM, Judy Staby Hoch.


I found it on Amazon. VERY expensive though. Def not priced for a “small jeweler!”