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Drerup exhibition in depth

Drerup Exhibition in depth: Enamels, Paintings and Drawings of a

This is a truly rare opportunity to see in depth the works of an
early 20th C. enamel master. I personally found most interesting
that, although this particular era of art is not my favorite (as it
was beaten to death by hacks) Drerup’s work is authentic; it has
such flawlessly beautiful lines, perfectly balanced colors and true
joyousness that it is irresistible. (Dreup is anything but dreary!)
“A Modernist Drawn to Life.”

Follow the link to see the pieces, at least online, they are a
revelation. Note that enamelist/jeweler Rick McMullen will be
presenting a very informative lecture on enamel (see below).

Marianne Hunter

The Enamelist Society is proud to announce that we are co-sponsoring
an exhibition of renowned 20th century enamelist Karl Drerup with the
McGowan Fine Art gallery in Concord, New Hampshire. The exhibit
"Masterworks: Enamels, Paintings and Drawings" runs through September
3, 2010. The McGowan Fine Art announcement of the exhibit is included

On August 28th at 11:00 AM, The Enamelist Society Board member, Rick
McMullen, will be giving a slide presentation called “Unveiling the
Mystery of Enamel” at the McGowan Fine Art gallery which we invite
you to attend.

In addition, the New Hampshire Plymouth State University has a
concurrent exhibit entitled: Karl Drerup: Drawn to Life at their
Karl Drerup Art Gallery. Karl Drerup was a faculty member at Plymouth
State University for many years, and the university also has links
to their 2007 exhibit of Drerup’s work entitled “Enchanted Garden:
Enamels By An American Master”. The link will take you to
more including the Exhibition Catalog, and information
about Karl Drerup’s life and art.

McGowan Fine Art will also host noted enamel authority, Rick
McMullen, for a slide presentation on enameling techniques called
"Unveiling the Mystery of Enamel." The presentation will be on August
28 at 11 AM in the gallery and will address techniques such as
plique-a-jour, basse-taille, cloisonne and more. Mr. McMullen’s
professional knowledge will be edifying for antiques dealers, jewelry
specialists and appraisers but enthusiasts of any level will find his
clear explanations rewarding.

Marianne Hunter