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Dremel Rheostat


I have had good luck with a fan motor controller from Home Depot or similar
venue. For your Dremel, a standard controller should be adequate, but
should also have the wattage rating on it. I get a rectangular junction
box and mount the controller in it. Then I get a $1, six foot or nine foot
extension cord and cut one side about a foot from the female end. I punch
out a knock out on one end of the box and feed the cord into it and back
out through a Romex clamp. The ends of the cut lead are attached to the
controller, which attaches to the box in the usual way. This arrangement
also works great to use with a small soldering iron used as a wax tool. As
mentioned in an earlier thread, if you get one with a set screw, you can
use various nails, wires, etc. for tips, my favorite being about a #6 or #8
gage copper wire. While speeds for the Dremel can be estimated by ear, the
temperatures for your favorite waxes can be noted on a scale glued or
screwed around the controller knob.