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Dremel Question

Folks, Thank you to all who replied to my question about the rotation
direction of my Foredom tool. I’m now MUCH more educated about it
and got some excellent ideas.

As a result of your suggestions, I mounted the tool in a
rubber-sided bench vise on my left, which is leaving my hands free
to hold the piece I’m working on for buffing / polishing. This has
worked very nicely.

From the perspective of edge working and cutoff wheel work, I
haven’t yet found a good solution, but am trying several of the
suggestions. Part of the problem is that I’ve grown older, I’ve
become increasingly right-handed :wink: I’ve got to overcome my
tendency to hold the handpiece in my right hand and keep the work

On an interesting note, I called Foredom and gave them my model
number and they had no idea what I was talking about. Seems it’s a
model that hasn’t been made since the 1970s. So if anyone knows
where I might get maintenance supplies and/or ops manuals, I’d be
very appreciative!

At any rate, thank you all!
Karen Goeller