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Dragonfly Fighter Pilot

A bit of furtheration.

Check out

As the kids say, OMG! Your work is beyond fabulous.

Noralie Katsu

Hans my friend that is pure art right there. i may at some point
commision you to craft a figurine of my father out of sterling if
possible for my father as a gift. i dont have the necessary tools to
do this. i can draw it as id like it to look. would you be willing to
do this?. im thinking not this year but the following year. your work
is stunning. absolutely stunning. please let me know if youd be
willing to do this. Thank you for this inspiration.


Hello Hans. I remain in awe. These creations are amazing. What
happens tothese imagined creatures when completee

Judy in Kansas, were the gentle rain falling is SOOoooo welcome.


That is some amazing work Hans!


Hans, these are beyond awesome. as a christian, i will say your
hands are divinely blessed. i can draw/paint to this level. but my
jewelry skills need alot of practice to even come close. these
creations of yours would make a GREAT background on a business card
Eh? Aaron