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Dr. Peck's Wax


Yesterday I was restocking a few materials and was told that
there will be no more Dr. Peck’s purple wax due to the company
which produced it being sold and the buyer unwilling to pay the
asking amount for the formula.

Oh, say it isn’t so. I love the things I can do with it. But if
it is so, please tell me what what will replace it. Summer’s
fast approaching, and I need to stock up before I head for the

Thanks Heaps


Hi Joyce,

I will surely miss the wonderful name: Dr. Peck’s Perfect
Purple. lol

We’ve been recommending Kerr’s Inlay Wax. It’s the closest we
could come to Dr. Peck’s. Anyone else???

Best Regards,

Elaine Corwin
Tel: 1-800-544-2043 ext. 287
Fax: 203-335-0300


Joyce: you know I’ve only used Peck’s wax very little, I have
some, but when I use it what it really reminds me is crayons!!!
I used to make crayon filled bottle cap jewelry as a kid…ha.
Buy some crayons and see if its the same…Dave

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   I will surely miss the wonderful name: Dr. Peck's Perfect
Purple. We've been recommending Kerr's Inlay Wax.  It's the
closest we could come to Dr. Peck's.  Anyone else??? 

I guess that’s different from Kerr’s Perfect Purple, which I
really like. Sorry I missed Dr. Peck’s. The other near-perfect
wax I found a long time ago is Sierra Red; got it from Dick
Blick. Of course I’m always looking for perfection.

Janet Kofoed