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Downsizing in DC

An old friend sent me this email.

Her mother has been in the business for many years now, but is
downsizing. If anyone is in the DC area, or willing to drive… give
her a call. My friend wasn’t entirely sure what her mom had
exactly… but there could be some treasures. Thanks

After a long tenure at the Torpedo factory, my mom is moving
on. She is looking to down size, considerably. She has a
display booth that she used to use for craft shows and some
jewlery making supplies that she would like to find a home for
as soon as possible.

If there is anyone local that you know who would be interested
in these items, could you forward this email on to him or her
or them?

Right now Mom is having major work done on her home so she is
NOT connected to her email, but she would welcome phone calls
so she can clear out more space for the next chapter in her

Her number is: Gladys Sharnoff Temkin, 202-363-9293.

Any help you can give is much much appreciated!

Jennifer “jeff” Bowie
The Picklepot: A Contemporary New England Craft Gallery