[Download] Gem-Setting notes to all!

Dear all on Orchid

During the past week, I’ve been totally inundated with requests of
my “Diamond & Gemstone Setting Notes”.

The labour involved is too horrific to even contemplate.

Hanuman & I have put together a file for everyone to download. I
know very well many of you out there would like my notes. To
individually gather these numerous 80+ files & with attachments &
mail them is too labourious.

Here is the contact. jot it down, for future reference!


Gerry Lewy

Hi Gerry

a big thank you. The is very valuable and of the highest

The video on bright cutting is exceptionally useful. You will go
down in history as one of the people who have furthered this trade by
showing the secrets/

All the best and thanx again.


Once I get all of my long awaited essay requests answered & I
promise to answer all.

I’m going to restart my filming a.s.a.p.! Each request answer
takes about 15+ minutes & I have about 10 remaining.
The video’s on
"Bright-Cutting" as you’ve seen before, are only a taste, trust me! I
figure I must spend much time just in the ‘planning & silver casting
stages’ & more detailed diagrams! Prior to this, I still have to film
Gypsy & Princess settings’ & the 'stone-removal video’.

This ‘continued, labour of love’ cannot be done overnight. It’s
gonna take many weeks in total of doing. retirement?..LOL!..Gerry

Hi Gerry,

You joined Benchtube 26 days ago and have graced your viewing
audience with 19 informative videos and given us access to 77 pages
of your bench notes. Wow! Thank you Gerry.

I am very much wanting to offer some kind of gesture of
appreciation. Are you interested in learning how to knit gold into a
rope? Any ideas?

Kind regards,

Hi Lois

What I offer to the Orchid community, at large is from me! I just
want to teach & explain all that I have gathered from my many years
at the bench.

Lois, thank you!! Your offering for me is to learn to knit using
gold wire, that is so beyond my capabilities. I’ll leave that to
you:>) Any ‘appreciation’ to me, is seeing that as of this morning at
7:00 a. m.

37,238 viewers have seen my videos. What else could I ask for? I’ve
personally answered 30+ requests for my setting notes, without any

===[This offer still holds.]==:)

I totally enjoy seeing that there are still folks like you, wanting
to learn. I’m now in the process of downloading another video on
Removal of Gemstones’. I still have 6-7 more video’s to
make…(Gypsy & Princess stones) BTW, this weekend I will return to my
list of names. Why? I’m going to send one email, containing a ‘series
of 18 diagrams’ to be used along with these ‘few’ videos. These are
new, as I just hand-drew them last week.

There’re not perfect, but they visually explain how I do some
setting. In fact, I’ve decided to use them in my private training &
school classes.

I sent all 18 to Hanuman, & he organized them all into one folder…
thank you again Hanuman! Gerry Lewy


Gerry’s generosity and knowledge are formidable and the Orchid
community as a whole is amazing.


Your thoughts of showing us how to knit gold into a rope appeals to
me. I would love a video on that - thanks


Your thoughts of showing us how to knit gold into a rope appeals
to me. I would love a video on that - thanks 

Lois, I do love to see that too, thank you for doing that.


Hi Mr. Lewy

This is my second post ever to Orchid. My very first post was if I
could please have a copy of your notes.

Well in no time at all I received your notes and Boy was I surprised

I would like to thank you for your most generous contribution to my
knowledge on the art of making jewelry ,

These notes will literally keep me busy for a very long time poring
through every bit of it. I thank you from the bottom of my heart, you
will live in my mind each and every time, that I read and follow your
teachings. Many many more thanks Mr. Lewy.

Franklin Miranda Kerl

Hello Taf,

Gerry is certainly an inspiration as are all the other fine
contributors to Orchid.

As a way to attempt to give back I am beginning a series of videos
on making a 22 karat gold quadruple link neck chain. Stay tuned

Kind regards,

Hi all! Still wanting to help everyone with my ‘gem-setting notes’.

This continuing addition will now have ‘hand-drawn diagrams’ that
now will accompany my videos’…a total of 38.95 MB

Gerry Lewy

Hi Gerry,

You have inspired me to share my method of making a 22 karat
quadruple link neck chain.

It took me all afternoon to video one minute. A work in progress,
more to follow.

Thank you for the inspiration.

Kind regards,

I was just thinking the same thing Gary. This is way above the usual
help that is offered, you are a true teacher Gerry! Thomas III

I’m trying in vain to help as many of the Orchid group, as I humanly
can. I think an appropriate tombstone marker, long time from now
should read “Here lies Gerry, please refer to Orchid!”:slight_smile: I just love
what my new career is. I’m obsessed in helping as many as I can!
“Orchid is that ‘tool’, that everyone can learn from folks like
us!”…now you all know why I’m doing this.

Plus ‘reaching out to help’, through these videos is my way of
fulfilling a long time dream!!! If it wasn’t for Orchid, we’d all
would be floating in an ocean of ‘not knowing’ or “Mare Incognito”.

Our hats off to Hanuman & his great staff.:>)

Hi Gerry.

In my opinion a true teacher shares all and knowledge
that he has. Though I have been groping to do some jewellery with my
class experience, videos from Soham, Nancy Hamilton I am still greedy
for more info. Thank you so much for sending the notes. They are very
good. They will be treasured. Thank you once again.

Well said Gerry - you are a gem.

Thanks a million for all the help and you have
generously given.


Plus 'reaching out to help', through these videos is my way of
fulfilling a long time dream!!! If it wasn't for Orchid, we'd all
would be floating in an ocean of 'not knowing' or "Mare

FWIW, “mare incognito” means the unknown sea. An sea of not knowing
would be “mare ignorantiae.” An ocean of not knowing would be
"Oceanus ignorantiae." “Ignorantia” means the condition of not
knowing, a lack of knowledge, ignorance. The genitive case is
"ignorantiae," “of ignorance.”

Elliot Nesterman

Many thanks “Elliot Nesterman” for that complete explanation of some
Latin words I used in error.

I never learned Latin in university. I never went to university & I
never was taught Latin. Plus I never finished high-school. do I mind
a few suggestions in using some Latin? thanks anyway, my good friend.



Illigitemi non carborundum est!

translation is “Don’t let the b*****ds grind you down!” also not
real Latin, which I took for three years.


Gerry, Illigitemi non carborundum est! translation is "Don't let
the b*****ds grind you down!" also not real Latin, which I took
for three years. John" 

giggles I can just hear you saying that!

And Gerry, thank you so much again for this wonderful information
you’re sharing with us. This is what makes Orchid great! El