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Double flush cutters /Cheap/make your own

Hi Folks, What I do is go down to your favorite least expensive store
that has cheap chinese flush cutters… Usually look more industrial
than jewelry oriented. They cost $4.00 … they are not flush , but
the steel is of excellent quality. Then, I take them to the grinding
wheel and grind the side that is supposed to be flush until they are
absolutely flush ( takes about 3 minutes) … afterwards, I take them
to a fine 3m fiber wheel and smooth the ground side down until you
almost can’t see the 2 sides of the blade touching.This is as flush
as you can get and produces a very good flush cutter. Now, on the other
side and also the shape of the tip… I grind these down to the shape
I want so that the tip can get into very small areas… these are
also cleaned up on the 3 m wheel . I have 2 pairs of these that I
have used for over a year for clipping castings sprues…we clip
1000’s of sprues / week and also use them for clipping fine silver
wire. It is important to keep a container of water nearby while
grinding and dip the cutters into water frequently so that the blades
do not get over heated. In the time that I have had these, they were
re sharpened only once… I have done this for at least 15 years and
find that they can usually be resharpened about 4 times before they
are converted into some other type of useful tool as they are no
longer sharpenable after that amount of grinding. Total Cost per flush
cutter… $4 + $5 labor = $9 if you do it yourself. Hope this is

Daniel Grandi
We do casting, finishing, cnc model making and hand made
models for people in the trade