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Don't put off to tomorrow

Hi Guys,

Today was a bad day, I looked down at my left hand and my 18ct
wedding band that I had worn for 30 years was gone.

Due to a rapid weight loss, my ring finger had reduced in size to
the point where my wedding ring was so loose that if I shook my hand
the ring would come off.

To combat this, when working I used to place a little tape on the
underside to hold it in place.

I didn’t keep the ring in a box, because I felt naked without it. I
didn’t resize the ring because I thought I may put weight back on (I
found out recently that this wont happen, no matter how much I eat).

Because of my procrastination the ring is gone, and with that
absence my left hand doesn’t look like mine anymore.

So if you’re in a similar situation, make a clip, or do a resize.

Regards Charles A.
P.S. I will make myself a new ring, but it wont feel the same.

My sympathy is with you Charles, sentiment has more value than the
materials of a new one. Blessings and thank you for the sage advice.
respectfully pat

Charles, my condolences on losing your wedding ring. Hopefully, you
will remember where you were, when it fell off and retrieve it.

Veva Bailey

Hi Charles & All, Sorry to hear about the wedding ring… I can
identify with your loss. My story, somewhat similar, is the when John
proposed–he made a petite ring with a small diamond(0.03ct.). 22
years later, I soldered it to a band he made of 18k/plat. that was
set with a reddish/brown diamond(before they called them Chocolate
diamonds). That hehad also made and I adapted for an everyday set to
wear… Last labor Day I was helping him polish, took off the ring,
and that’s all I know…Our shop partner was dismantling jewelry for
melt, John was at his bench, a diamond dealer was here at our desk &
I was polishing in the backroom…I had placed by a cleaning dish.Bad
news-never saw it again(torethe shop apart). Good news, I’m still
married, have stainless band with gold inset that John made as a
sample and finally got past my loss-though I still check for it

In a past Orchid I remember someone saying that it is probably still
out there-in some from or another… Like my mentor merry renk used
to say–“Just keep going, dear”.

A suggestion would be to do something special with this next
ring–celebrate the marriage & love that you still have.

Ciao, Jo-Ann Maggiora