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Don't Miss Out! Give-away ! Ending May 15, 2013

I won last year’s grand prize- maybe this will help sell some

Yes, chances of winning are real!

I know, because I was the lucky Grand prize winner last year! It was
certainly a shock and a delight to have won- and I have enjoyed every
single moment of perusing the Rio Grande catalog, shopping, and
receiving my orders from my winnings!

The 5k definitely has come in handy, I have updated some of my
equipment, added new tools, and thumbed my nose at rising silver
prices. (Oh, and just think of how far 5k will go with Todays silver

I even bought another ticket this year- not because I’m trying to
hog any potential winnings, but because I feel it’s truly important to
support Ganoksin- arguably the most comprehensive website devoted to
Metalsmithing in the English language. I use it as a resource for my
own studio and recommend it to my students as well.

I buy one or two tickets every year, because I believe in supporting
the services that support the metalsmithing community.

Plus, it’s never just buying a ticket- you also get a bonus digital
book to go along with your raffle order! That’s not just a good
deal, it’s a great one! a bonus on top of a bonus!

Haven’t bought your ticket yet? why not do it today? TIME IS RUNNING
OUT!! Buy your ticket, and start dreaming! Because dreams sometimes
really do come true…

Maureen Brusa Zappellini

Hi Everyone, May I add my plea that you buy a ticket for Wednesdays
draw. Orchid can’t run on air and the cost is modest for the benefits
we all receive. I compare it toa magazine subscription and learn new
ideas every day or have informatiuon expressed in a slightly
different form so a light bulb finally goes off in my brain. Orchid
provides numerous teachers who answer questions cheerfully and
thoroughly. And their answers are searchable at three in the morning
through the Orchid archives. As a past winner, I am extremely
grateful for the wonderful prizes that were delivered to my door.
Please buy a ticket so you can dream of winning on Monday and Tuesday

Cheers, Karen incold Toronto (3 Celsius is unbearable for mid-May
and one of my friends reported snow flakes!!!