Donivan's New Web Site!

Even though I have a fair amount of tweaking to do- a few dead links
and such- and adding more content, we finally have the first
incarnation of a website. It has our work, at least, and there is
more coming. Please excuse the mess, it’s only the first and I’m
still working on it. It’s like, "Let’s get something up to start."
It’s not too bad, I think, for a start. It is: Stop on by!!


it looks like it’s going to be a great site. A couple of points I’d
like to offer - once you enter the site, the text is very large -
sort of like shouting in email. Perhaps that’s not so in your browser
or on your computer. It’s good to check your site in several
different computers and on both mac and pc if possible. The thumbnails
are very blurry - I almost didn’t click on any of them because of
that. The large photos are quite a bit better and load quickly which
is great but as a consumer, surfer in the sea of websites I don’t
know that I would get that far. I don’t know why the thumbnails would
look so fuzzy if they are the same shots as the larger ones. Perhaps
someone else can illuminate this?


The thumnails were blurry because I used Dreamweaver’s photo album
utility, and it made all the thumbs 100x100 without preserving the
aspect ratio. Whether there’s an internal fix, I don’t know - don’t
see one. But I just went through and resized them all, and they are
clear, now… and another album. Yes, the front page needs work
(thanks for any and all comments). Today, I will rework it. It is
because you can’t bookmark frames effectively, and the opening page
was a “quick fix” for that - not a final page, just 15 minutes in