Donations and other things

Hi all: I’d like to add my voice to all those who have been urging
orchid members to make voluntary contributions to Orchid. I for one,
would feel bereft if I didn’t have Orchid to look forward to every
day. I really like John Burgess’ idea of giving a Birthday Present,
or for that matter a Seasonal Gift in this season of gift giving.
Any excuse, or no excuse will do, and it seems to me that even
small donations add up when enough people contribute.

To all those who have requested copies of the Paper on Fine Silver
Granulation, I have sent out about 30 copies via E-mail, many of
which duid not get transmitted properly, and have gotten at least as
many more requests. I am going to try another method of sending them
and we are working on the possibility of getting it posted on the
web. One way or another, everyone who requests one will get it.
Now–if you really appreciate all the work that goes into this, and
the wonderful you will be getting, how about considering
sending a small(medium or large) donation to Hanuman as a token of
your appreciation? Sandra