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Donation With Strings - MSIE4 to View Artworks

Hi all,

I belong to a national New Zealand Craft organisation which has
recently started up a website with
various craft-related info. They are eventually going to make it an
online version of the physical Craft Resource Centre: info on
artists, on education … yahda yahda.

Great, sounds fine, I say. We desperately need this resource
centre, and I welcome the online catalogue of artworks and
text-based source.

However as some major funding is coming from corporations,
notably, the site itself is donated by New Zealand Telecom ISP
(, there is one teeny problem as I see it: The 'gallery’
part of the site, arguable the most useful and relevant for a
visual arts resource, requires MSIE4.

Many visitors to the site say in the online guestbook that they
still use MSIE3 and unfortunately are denied access to the gallery
section. They hope the webwriters will rectify this soon.

When I raised this issue with the craft resource organisers they
tell me to upgrade to MSIE4! You see Telecom NZ is telling them it
is simply a matter of people upgrading their browser.

I am now charged with the task of providing an alternative

And at a recent Crafts Conference here I stood up in response to a
request for an online discussion system, and made a plea for a
Mailing List as a more democratic and accessible way of discussion
among many, as better than the less accessible (even if it became
browser-independent) basically one-way website-based alternative.

Where do I start with MSIE4?

What would be desirable for such a


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