Donate to Ganoksin

Hello Ganoks

Since I first subscribed to Ganoksin a few years ago I always
intended to donate some money to help them with the good service they
provide. I figured as soon as I get some spare cash I would throw it
their way. However when your running your own small business spare
cash vanishes rather quickly and you don’t even get a chance to
cuddle it before it disappears on some tools or other bills.

So what I’ve decided to do is take some pieces of stock and when
they sell all the money will go to ganoksin. My work does not always
sell for a lot but I’m sure it will help towards the cause.

Perhaps more people could do this. Maybe assign a piece of stock or
make something especially in your spare time (spare time ? Whats that
?) to donate the proceeds from it to Ganoksin.

Another possibility is that we could send the pieces to Ganoksin and
they could have a page or two on the site where they are listed for
sale. Maybe thats just more work for Ganoksin.

Anyway just a few thoughts to consider

Good luck to all

Phil Walker
New Zealand